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Best flavoured Cashews manufacturer in Delhi

One of the most popular nuts enjoyed throughout the world, cashews are known by their distinct kidney shape and sweet, nutty flavor and delectably creamy texture. They boast an impressive nutritional profile, supplying fiber, protein, B vitamins, monounsaturated fats and other beneficial vitamins and minerals.

High in flavor and honey roasted and salted to perfection, Piping Rock’s Honey Roasted Cashews make the perfect snack or addition to your favorite recipes!

Cashews are the seeds of the tropical evergreen tree of the same name. They are found attached to the bottom of cashew apples, the fruit of these trees, and are picked at the peak of freshness. A versatile nut, enjoy NUTS TOWN Honey Roasted Cashews on their own, in baking and cooking or even to make your own cashew butter!